Why us

We take pride in the service we provide.

At S&S Mediclean we are passionate about our work and take pride in the service we provide. We work with Healthcare organisations across Europe, providing Specialist Environmental Cleaning, working in partnership and being flexible to the scheduling needs of our customer.

Our moto “Every Clean Counts”, is truly at the heart of our service. No matter how big or small, our handpicked cleaning technicians perform to the highest standard and will only Certify Environmental Cleaning once truly satisfied they have achieved this goal.

Infection Control

This is the primary objective of our cleaning service. All S&S Mediclean staff are fully trained in infection control and receive refresher training every twelve (12) months.

All S&S Mediclean staff follow a strict method of clean statement for each cleaning activity performed. This policy has been developed and evolved from the NHS guidelines and in consultation with the CQC.

Health and Safety>

S&S Mediclean utilises an external contractor for all health and safety.


All S&S Mediclean staff are provided MRI safety training and perform inductions to mobile facilities and its equipment.

All staff are experienced and experts in the field of medical healthcare cleaning.

Cleaning Schedules

A cleaning schedule will be produced documenting the ongoing cleaning strategy and performance. This will consist of a calendar showing all daily cleaning and routine deep cleaning.

This calendar will be supported by cleaning sign off sheets for daily cleaning and deep cleaning certificates and end of clean statements for environmental deep cleans.

Performance and Contact

Performance is extremely important to us. Monthly feedback sheets will be used to review standards and company directors routinely attend sites and mobiles to supervise cleaning.

At S&S Mediclean will are flexible and always contactable.

Company directors routinely speak to all customers and managers to confirm compliance and the highest standards are being met.

Customer Log In

S&S Mediclean have a unique customer portal for all documentation, photographs and certification. This portal brings the customer closer to the work we perform for them and makes are records easily accesible from any office in Europe.